Schlumberger Digital Forum 2022: Carbon Neutral
Our Commitment: Schlumberger Net Zero by 2050

Carbon Neutral Event


With our customers and partners, we will build the Schlumberger Digital Forum 2022 to incorporate our sustainability priorities including our Net Zero commitment. We’re mitigating the impact of mobility and daily transportation, selecting materials that minimize waste, and opting for new sources of energy—working together for a more sustainable Digital Forum.


Our commitment to sustainability

As a global technology company for the energy industry, we're committed to being at the forefront of the global shift toward more sustainable energy production—challenging not only ourselves, but also our customers, suppliers, and peers to partner on delivering measurable social and environmental progress. This translates into taking measurable strides to accelerate innovation in energy transition and achieving these goals in a way that contributes to energy access and economic development, both locally and worldwide. Accordingly, our sustainability focus has three priorities: climate action, people, and nature.

Climate action at the Digital Forum


Our climate action strategy is underpinned by our commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050—with interim targets for 2025 and 2030 to track progress. Schlumberger’s net zero target encompasses all the company’s Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions—a first in the energy services industry. 

Alternative sources of energy
The heating and cooling of the venue is sourced entirely from Lake Lucerne.

Free public transport
As part of our engagement with Luzern city, public transport will be free of charge for all attendees to incentivize its use.

Our energy transition solutions
Our energy transition solutions for emissions reductions, carbon capture and storage, and low carbon energy production will be presented at the Digital Forum.



Nature at the Digital Forum

Sustainable water supply

Schlumberger realizes the importance of respecting and protecting the world’s natural resources. Wherever applicable we will supply environmentally friendly tap water for the Digital Forum. In the KKL restaurants, fountains from WATER FOR WATER (WfW), a Luzern-based non-profit organization that supply environmentally friendly tap water, will be available to support their efforts in sustainable improvements for water and sanitation in Zambia and Mozambique.

Tree planting
We are committed to safeguarding biodiversity and as part of the Partner Program, attendee’s spouses and partners will be given the opportunity to plant trees in Luzern’s Gütsch; contributing to local reforestation.

The trees will be taken care of by Korporation Luzern.

Recyclable materials
As part of our companywide commitment to enabling circularity, significant effort has been made to maximize the use of recyclable materials for the exhibition. 

Locally-sourced food
All ingredients are seasonal and locally-sourced.

Digital experience
Our ‘digital first’ event promotion policy is designed to significantly reduce waste. In a large way, digital communications and social media will play the role of printed posters and forms.

Reduced food waste
We are partnering with Foodsharing Bülach, a small local organization, to collect and redistribute excess food, reducing food waste.

Locally-sourced giveaways
Attendee giveaways are locally-sourced to support local businesses and to reduce freight transportation.

Dishes and cutlery
To reduce daily waste, limited disposable dishes, cups or cutlery will be used.



People at the Digital Forum


We’re working closely with the city’s mayor and team to recruit locally. We put people first by acting ethically, respecting human rights, keeping people safe, building a more diverse and inclusive workplace, driving positive social and economic outcomes, and managing our approach to climate change and the energy transition in a fair and socially inclusive way.


Our energy transition solutions at the Digital Forum

Energy Transition Solutions

Come visit our energy transition booth to learn more about our solutions for emissions reductions, carbon capture and storage, and low carbon energy production. Listen to presentations in our Technical Tracks, and hear how we’re accelerating our customers’ energy transition journeys.


Contributing to communities for a carbon neutral Digital Forum

In alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we seek to address local challenges and drive positive impact in our communities. This includes building local partnerships to drive action to address the challenges of most relevance to Schlumberger and the communities where we live and work.

Renewable Energy Projects 

We are supporting renewable energy projects that are vital to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the growing global demand for energy and build sustainable infrastructure. Learn more

Bondhu Chula Stoves 

We are supporting the Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation who provides more efficient and cleaner home cooking in Bangladesh. 
Learn more

Sustainable Wood Production 

We are contributing to a project in Uruguay that has the main objectives to ensure sustainable wood production, land restoration, and carbon sequestration through afforestation.
Learn more


KKL Luzern

KKL is committed to sustainability—a reason why we selected this premier venue. 

  • • Heating and cooling of the venue is sourced entirely from Lake Lucerne
  • • All frying oils are recycled into biodiesel
  • • Organic waste is used to produce biogas and natural fertilizer for the region

Schlumberger Digital Forum 2022 - KKL Luzern



Luzern, Switzerland

Schlumberger Digital Forum 2022 - Luzern

The city of Luzern has a strong commitment towards climate protection and aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2040. By 2050, the energy requirement is to be halved to 2,000 watts of continuous power per capita. The production of solar power is to be massively expanded, and by 2050 it will cover around a quarter of electricity consumption. In terms of mobility, the city council has set itself the goal of reducing traffic volume by 15 percent by 2040 compared to 2010. Ultimately, by 2040, all vehicles registered in the city of Luzern should be powered by electricity and/or renewable energy.

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